Foreclosed and Defaulted Residential Properties Registration Inspection and Maintenance Program.

The City of Oakland’s Foreclosed and Defaulted Residential Properties Registration, Inspection and Maintenance Program requires owners or the beneficiary and/or trustee pursuing property foreclosure and/or their agents to register, inspect, and potentially maintain their residential properties to protect the health and safety, livability, appearance and social fabric of our neighborhoods. Click on this Summary Sheet for the main requirements of our program.

Registration Terms and Conditions

To complete registration or make a payment, please read and understand the following:

  1. Provide all information the listed in this checklist
  2. Read the Registration Responsibilities Summary OMC 8.54.200
  3. Read the Inspection, Maintenance and Security Requirements OMC 8.54, Article IV

      All registrants are required to:
    • Conduct inspections (see Chapter 8.54.310 for Inspection Requirements of the Oakland Municipal Code) and record the findings of those inspections with the City of Oakland online before the end of each month.
    • Ensure that the property remains in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations:
      • Maintenance Requirements (see Chapter 8.54.320 for Maintenance Requirements of Oakland Municipal Code)
      • Security Requirements (see Chapter 8.54.330 for Security Requirements of Oakland Municipal Code)

  4. Agree / Acknowledge responsibilties required as a registrant of a property in foreclosure or that has been foreclosed.
  5. Fields marked * are required. Data will not be saved if required fields are not completed.
  6. All data captured in this registration program is considered public information.
  7. Once registration is complete, you will be able to make a payment by credit card, if applicable. If you must pay by check, completion of your registration will be delayed. To do so, follow instructions on the final statement of registration once the registration has been submitted. Your registration will be completed until the payment is recieved.
  8. PLEASE NOTE: The registration fee increased from $568 to $845 effective 7/1/2015. This was following City Council resolution 13320 CMS, which amended the City’s master fee schedule.You can review the relevant updated fees highlighted on pages P-99 and P-102.
Other Helpful Information:

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