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Has this property received a Notice of Default since 2006?

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Will the title holder, an immediate family member, or trustor or beneficiary for estate planning occupy
at least one unit in this residence within the next six months and for up to one year?

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Has the owner applied for City building permits within 90 days of acquisition for the purpose of major rehabilitation? (Contact the City to confirm exemption or request a field check in lieu of registration.)?

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Is this property part of a common interest subdivision, such as a condominium, planned development,
stock cooperative, or community apartment, or occupied under a tenancy in common arrangement?

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Is this property owned by an entity regulated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c),
nonprofit corporation for charitable or religious purposes, whereby the nonprofit serves as the sole owner or as the managing general partner?

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After reading through the following program requirements and instructions,
you may begin the registration process at the bottom of the page.

Program Overview

In order to address the decline of neighborhood livability and health and safety problems that have arisen from high levels of foreclosure activity in Oakland, the Oakland City Council passed an ordinancedesigned to address issues of deferred maintenance or property neglect associated with properties in the foreclosure process . The resulting changes to Oakland Municipal Code (Chapter 8.58) now requires non-owner occupant buyers of properties that have a default or foreclosure history to register and arrange for an inspection by Building Services. A City inspector will then assess whether the property conditions meet the local building or housing codes or whether blight abatement or rehabilitation work is needed. If the property is found to be in violation of City code requirements, the inspector will work with the new owner on an abatement plan.

This program applies to residential one-to-four unit properties in the City of Oakland for which all of the following conditions apply:

• The deed transferring ownership was recorded after March 1, 2013

• A Notice of Default was filed against a former owner with the Alameda County Recorder’s Office,or the property was in foreclosure (bank owned), at any point after November 13, 2006. If you have received a Notice to Register a Formerly Defaulted Property, you may assume that this is the case.

• The new owner does not intend to occupy the property within six months and for up to one year.

• The new owner is not a government, non-profit, or charitable entity.

NOTE:If the new owner has applied for City building permits within 90 days of purchase for the purposes of correcting housing and building code violations, contact the City to review the permits for an automatic registration exemption. If permits are not for the replacement of major systems, a $99 field check may be requested to possibly satisfy the requirements of the program.Note that expiration of an existing permit will reintroduce the registration requirement.

For more information about the purpose and scope of the program download the Summary of Ordinance and Program Requirements.

Registration requires the following steps:

1. Inspection by Owner or Agent: The owner or responsible agent is required to complete a self-directed property inspection using the City property conditions checklist. These findings will be reported through the registration process. Download the Inspection Checklist here.

2. Gather Sales Transaction Details: The registrant must provide basic details about the sales transaction, including the name and address of the seller and contact information for the new owner and acting agents if applicable. Many of these fields are required, so to expedite this process, review of the registration checklist in advance is highly recommended: Registration Checklist.

3. Provide Information and Inspection Findings through Registration: Once information is gathered, select “New Registration” from the dropdown list at the bottom of this page and begin the process. Immediately note the “IOP” number assigned at the top of the first registration page, which is required for subsequent access to the registration.

4. Pay the Registration Fee: Once all information has been entered, the registration fee of $888.00 can be paid by credit card. Your registration will not be complete until the payment is received.

5. Schedule Inspection with Building Services: Once the registration is complete, an inspection by a City Building Services Inspector must be scheduled within 30 days. Instructions are provided in the final stages of the registration process.

6. Complete Abatement as Required: Once registered, the owner must ensure that the property remains in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including the program requirement that abatement of non-substandard conditions be completed within 60 days. More significant rehabilitation may be given more time at the discretion of the City Building Official. Read the Summary of Ordinance and Program Requirements and OMC 8.58 for more information.

In addition please note the following:

• All data captured in this registration program is considered public information.

• The failure to register a property can result in civil and administrative penalties. Refer the Program Summary for more information.

• The $888.00 registration fee is good for one year. If completion of required abatement has not occurred within twelve months of initial registration the registration must be renewed and the annual fee is again due.

• If changed conditions reintroduce blight or substandard conditions following the completion of the registration, inspection, and abatement process where applicable, the property must again be registered and inspected according to program guidelines.

• If a property subject to registration is transferred to an owner-occupant, the former owner must report the transfer by choosing the appropriate option at the bottom of the page.

Summary documents and other helpful information can be downloaded from the following links:

Oakland City Council Ordinance 13141

Oakland Municipal Code Chapter 8.58

A complete file of summary documents and checklists

Appeal a Notice to Register or Penalty Assessment

Please review the documents available above. After reviewing the available documents, please direct unanswered general or property-specific questions to:

Select Registration Process

"Enter the property ID assigned to this registration, in the format "IOP-XXXXXXXXXXXX""

In order to make a payment at the end of the registration process you will need to be using one of the following browsers: Latest versions of IE and Mozilla Firefox.